What is SPIN?

The Socialist Party Information Network is an organisation established to facilitate and provide information about and for socialist political parties worldwide.

What does SPIN do exactly?

•We maintain a data centre on the activities of socialist parties in the interest of educating the public as well as serving the community of activists in socialist parties who wish to know more about those activities. In addition, we observe and report on the viability of socialist parties in various nations based upon the political conditions in those nations.

•We research the use of information technology by socialist parties and organisations, and provide consultancy services to those interested in benefitting from such technology.

Is SPIN a socialist organisation itself?

Yes, in so far as we exist to serve the community of democratic socialist parties, and devote our energies to the further development of those parties in democratic societies.

How does one access your services?

Individual inquiries may be sent via e-mail to spin@socialistparty.org. You will be contacted by a representative as to whether we can help you with your inquiry.

Full access to our services is available to socialist organisations for an annual membership fee. Contact us for more details.

For more information contact:
1422 K St NW, #555
Washington DC 20005


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